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Welcome to OZIMP!

OZIMP  Inspection service is trusted by Ozimp International Co.,Ltd customers.
We has experienced in china with Interpreter,Business Negotiation,Quality control,Sourcing,purchasing,and product development.
We work a maximum on customer's side. with direct and personal contact to our customers.
 Daily communication and feedback assume.

 We at OZIMP can help you better because we have lived it.
OZIMP  does not think of business as a Zero-sum game,tha is a non-sustainable model for both business and relationships.we play on "Your"Team  live in China.We are here to make your transactions run smoothly through our systems.
Let us lose sleep and get grey hair,smoothing out all those potencially debilitating wrinkles .After all that is why you have chosen our service.Your time and money are assets what we will protect .We mean what we say,and we say what we mean.
There is a saying:"There is never enough time to do it right the first time,but always enough to do it again " we at OZIMP  disagreein these tring financial times,there might not be enough money to do it again .
Our service will give you peace of mind- Can you put a value on that ?

At OZIMP we use the acronya DRIFT . 
Do it Right  the First Time .